Once upon a time, there was a world… and then, it blew up… and there wasn't a world anymore. Unfortunately for everyone, the endless void of nothing really sucked and nobody really liked it.

Luckily, four sisters survived the end of the world – Kassankea, Kumo, Calma and Rhea – they decided they were going to rebuild the world from scratch. They carved up the world into directions and shared it amongst themselves. Kumo got the North; Kassankea received the West; Rhea was granted the East and Calma took the South.

Rhea was shy and boring and liked her solitude – she populated the East with a trillion trees along with various beasts of the land and air. She got lonely eventually and made herself four daughters of her own – but they eventually betrayed her by creating life – so she wandered off by herself… and was never seen again…

Kassankea was an island girl – beautiful and wise, but more than a little insane. She made a great ocean in the West and dotted it with little islands; she filled the oceans with sea creatures of all shapes and sizes, then crafted herself a husband out of shells, sand and sea foam. Together, they had a gaggle of children and lived happily after – sweet, yes; but exciting or interesting? No.

But, Kumo of the Sky and Calma of the Stars were interesting – and extremely competitive. Both decided that this second earth was far more interesting with people in it… so they crafted the mortal races. Each different – each crazy and more unique than the others – and then, as they fell in love with and admired the heroes those races produced; they raised them to become gods and goddesses themselves – crafting divine families to surround them. In the heavens, Kumo created the Order of the Sky and Calma, the Order of the Stars.

For thousand of years, these divine beings ruled over the mortal races of second earth, but healthy competition eventually turned to bitterness; and bitterness eventually turned to hatred. The desires of both of the warring sisters demanded that all of the mortal races bow to one Sister of the World. Soon, the North and the South battled in wars that would last millennia – the mortals toppled the forests to build their war machines and filled the great oceans with blood. 

Eventually, Kassankea and Rhea said 'enough!' and carved a great chasm to separate their warring sisters. And peace was achieved… for a while… but certainly not forever…

When the Stars Battle the Sky